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Coaching That Helps You EXCEL ATWHAT YOU DO by Helping You Show Up More As WHO You're Created To Be...

So You Can Experience

Higher Earnings, Increased Satisfaction, and Greater Wellbeing




From: Clint Barr

Brandon, MS


Do you have a strong sense of self?


Do you know the YOU God created you to be?


Do you ever feel a disconnect between who you show to the world and who you are in private?


Your true self isn't something you create, rather it's something you receive. It's who you were created to be from all eternity.


When you show up in your work as you perceive others want you to, or as someone you think is successful would do it, you're limiting your potential and ultimately sacrificing your satisfaction and well-being.


The impact you can have when you show up as your true self in your work is immeasurable. It could improve your performance, yield higher earnings, grow your credibility, improve relationships with cohorts and superiors, increase your job satisfaction, improve your overall health and more...


But only if you know who you are and are able to show up consistently as your true self.

  • COACHING will help you focus on taking action on the things that matter most to living out your purpose...
  • COACHING will provide you a thought-provoking and creative process so who you really are has the opportunity to emerge...
  • COACHING will build your self-awareness and evoke personal responsibility for the behaviors, limits, and communication that leads to your ultimate outcome...

As Dr. Roger Birkman once said:


"The reality of life is that your perceptions -- right or wrong -- influence everything else you do. When you get a proper perspective on your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place."


Your Inner Hero--your true self--matters, and coaching is your figurative tap on the shoulder that invites you to discover exactly who that Inner Hero is and what he/she is capable of doing.


WHO is Your Inner Hero?

Your Inner Hero emerges with the convergence of three concentric circles representing Awareness, Boundaries, and Community. Establishing these three key areas in your life will lead to Higher Earnings, Increased Satisfaction, and Greater Well-being.


You cannot change anything until you become aware of the reality of what is really going on. The most effective way to gain awareness is through the power of assessment. More importantly, an assessment that reveals your hidden Needs and unique personal Interests.


Establishing limits around what you are willing to do and not willing to do is critical, as is owning the way in which you show up (Behavior) to others. Combined they turn your focus internally during circumstances in your life, allowing you to respond rather than be reactionary.


Community provides us the clearest picture of who you are, because you have blind spots that only others can make aware to you. Community also provides you a place where you can practice communication from your true self, helping you to communicate better with others in your work.

If you're skeptical, question this whole "coaching" thing, and you're not quite sure if this will work for you, then read these amazing success stories from actual, real clients who were exactly where you are right now...

“Without your help I'd still be unsatisfied, frustrated, and unfulfilled in my career. Thank you so much for helping me discover not only a career, but my true "why" behind what I do.”

Ian McGinnis, Director of Development

I'm a better trainer and a better business owner because of the amount of time and wisdom you've provided. I'm even a better friend, a better wife, and a better mother because of the personal growth the coaching has revealed in me through your insights. Thank you for being you and for being so available during this process.

Julie Arroyo, Owner The New Basis

“You helped me understand what was important to me. I see now there are fewer choices than before because not all were aligned with who I am to begin with.”

Trey Carroll, Sales at Southern Coffee Service

“I’m loving my new job!!! Yes, I have a “job” but it’s so awesome! I only work Monday-Thursday. The 2 days I teach is just like when I was an adjunct. The other 2 days I do a little admin and visit interns to see how they’re doing. This is totally my thing! And the benefits are amazing. So I’m primarily going to do this and have a very small online coaching program for fun. Thank you so much for everything last year!!! There’s no way I would have been here without you, your coaching and support. Thanks for everything.”

Nicole Breckenridge, Associate Professor at Keiser College

“Here's what I've gained: The 'game' [work/life/etc.] isn't about emulating something that seems to correlate with success, but rather, ruthlessly doing all you can to know yourself best, and do as frequently as possible all you can to express your best self. That's where the highest likelihood of both fulfillment and success comes from. Thanks for that!”

Drasko Raicevic, Owner Quickbody Weightloss

“I had the pleasure of working with Clint several years ago. He is an incredible coach who asks the right questions to really make you think, and ultimately move you forward in your life. He brings experience, knowledge, and compassion to the table. Working with him was a great experience, and I can't recommend him highly enough!”

Nicole Spencer, Authentic Conversion

As You Can See...

I've Already Helped Others, Just like You, Find Exactly What They Were Created For...

Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Break the chains of the false self and bring your True Self to work!

You Are Designed for MORE!

Like I said before, coaching will help you unlock awareness that leads to you discovering more of your true self, ultimately giving you clarity for your direction to live out your purpose in this life.


I want you to know...


You don't have to live up to the opinions or the expectations of others...


You don't have to do things like others do in order to be as successful as you perceive others to be...


You don't have to be reactive to adverse situations and circumstances that are out of your immediate control...


All you have to do is be who you've always been destined to be...YOUR TRUE SELF!


And I know coaching is what will get there.




Time Is Of The Essence


Here's why.


I'm limited by the time I have in a day. There are only so many hours I can commit to working with people like you, and when they're gone...well, they're gone!


This is just the reality of my current stage of life and my professional practice. So, if you're reading this and you're sick and tired of being "sick and tired" at your job, take action right now to create the shift that will produce greater joy and more fulfillment than you thought was possible.


Thanks for reading this letter and I look forward to working with you!


Clint Barr

P.S. In case you're one of those people that skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I've got a few spots available to work with a select number of individuals who want to achieve higher earnings, increase their satisfaction, and generate greater well-being by discovering, and then bringing, their true self to their work and life. Yes, this is an investment, but one that will yield abundant returns for the rest of your life and dramatically effect everyone around you.


So, click the button below to get started and lock in your opportunity to work together for the next 6-months! You won't regret it.

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